Slimmbones started out as a handle on the M5 boards and as we grew our offering, it only made sense that this would be how we were known going forward, seeing as so many already know us as such.  Our background is simple: BMW since birth….literally.  Slimmbones was raised in a family of car dealerships (BMW being the main stay) from Alaska to California.  The love of cars was passed on from Grandfather and then Father.  From old muscle cars to BMW, BMW is the make that has always captured our attention and therefore the brand that we made it our business to know everything about – from bumper to bumper, inside and out.

Many ask the question, “what is the significance of the name Slimmbones”?  That, my friends, is a long story that dates back about 14 years.  However we can tell you that is stands for strength, integrity and reliability….and simply, the best quality and customs around.